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Awareness comes from learning

As I dive into the controversial ideas in de Mello’s Awareness, I read something insightful, which gives sense and meaning to the purpose of this blog. “in order to wake up, the one thing you need the most is not energy, or strength, or youthfulness, or even great intelligence. The one thing you need most […]

The power of learning

Do you ever thought about studying yourself?


Interpretation is key, but without imagination, the former doesn’t work.

The Future of Transhumanism

This morning I woke up thinking about transhumanism and the possibility of two factions: cyborgs and ”learnorgs”.

Learning Online

We live in the Age of Self-Experimentation. Learning online can be part of that lifelong journey.

It depends

Improving how we teach is intrinsically dependent on improving how students learn.

The Feynman Technique

People knew Richard Feynman by his simple and creative explanations for complicated subjects. And I think we could apply his technique to improve how we learn anything.

Clear sky

It reminds me of a clear mind when we dissipate the clouds of judgement.

Finding surprise

Being mindful means paying attention to new things and enjoy the present moment while doing it. It is likely to be the best way to find surprises in life.

Knowledge is not power

Learning is. The power comes from a free mind, not money or the control of others. When you allow your learning mind to develop, you are free to think, create and connect.