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Learning dignifies each person

Learning is the best survival skill, we have in difficult times and more. We dignify people when allowing them to learn anew.

Dare to learn

What you can do depends more on what you believe. Learn to dare by daring to learn.

You can’t stop at wrong if you learn

The difficulty in learning is not getting things wrong, but if you stop at it.

Always be the first to learn

Success is often measured by who arrived first, but those who fail are the first to learn. In the long run, they go farther.

Learn a simple way to live less stressfully

There is a simple way to live less stressfully and be happier.

Learn in the present moment

The past is gone. The future is yet to come. All you have is the present. The present moment is the best one to learn something worth living.

Should you isolate yourself while learning?

Learning demands you to focus, and most people can concentrate when they’re alone. Therefore, it’s easier to isolate yourself while learning than you think. But is this isolation a good thing?

The role of uncertainty in learning

We already know uncertainty impacts our life, but what impact does it have on learning?

There’s wisdom in making peace

Every person is a learning opportunity unless you don’t relate to the other. There’s wisdom in making peace. But also a precondition. Unless you’re at peace with yourself, it will be hard, and almost impossible, to make peace with the next person crossing your path. The precondition means being at peace with your limitations, your […]

Unblocking thinking with kindness?

Unblocking thinking while innovating requires three drivers: openness, curiosity and kindness. The later puzzled me, but I’d include a fourth.