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Know your way

When our way changes, we should change our way. Goals evolve, but if we get attached to old goals, we’re losing our time and attention. The worst part of resisting goals which ceased to make sense is persisting in them. We may end up fulfilling them, but without learning the craft involved. You’ll embrace and […]


One day you may say something completely out of line. What then? How do you feel?

Need or Dare?

When you understand you have to change something in your life, would you do it out of need, or dare?

Learn solidarity with nature

Do you believe cold exists? It doesn’t. It’s the absence of heat. And according to my youngest – “if there’s room, heat will go there.” However, this shows me something deeply embedded in nature. Solidarity.


Touching others must be an essential element of every learning process. It’s the manifestation of inspiring moments.


What do you want to learn today? Something mind-blowing? Something intriguing? Something unexpected? How about all three in one word: tranquility.


Presence is a gift. Being present means being fully there, wholeheartedly, empty of the excessive noisy surrounding our attention to deplete it.

100-day streak

Every day you have something to say. Why? Everyone experiencing life every day, in the end, must have something to say. A life worth living is an experience worth telling. Today, it is my 100-day of posting every day. What have I tried to say for the last 100 days?

Misplaced goals

What if you invest in a goal to advance your career which nobody cares about and sees the way you do? The outcome seems obvious. A delusion. You haven’t done anything wrong except misplacing your goals.


I asked my daughter if she believed “cold” exists. She said yes, and I told her that, in fact, there’s no such thing as “cold.” Cold is the absence of heat. Then, she said something unexpected.