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Learning and Identity

Learning is different from being informed. Deep learning is the kind you don’t forget. And the reason is simple.


How do you read this title?

Too much

Have you ever experienced saying to yourself- ” it’s too much. I’m tired.” The answer when you feel overwhelmed by what you have to do is simple.

Dots or points?

Do you know the difference?


Between feeling content with what you see, and curious about what more is there to see.

It takes time

To see a flower blossom.

The time you give

Is the time you live. Everything else is wasted time.

One chance

When we don’t have second chances, we give everything we got from the heart.

Interpretation is the key

Even if you know well where all the information is, nothing is more important than interpretation.


One of the greatest cultural revolutions was something so small and simple, nobody even remembers. The “space” between words.