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Take care of other’s learning too

Take care of other’s learning by taking care of your relationship with them.

Listen to others is learning

Every person speaking to us is an opportunity to learn. If not explicitly, we learn to listen. One of my main difficulties was listening to others. While someone was speaking to me, my mind was a storm of ideas about what she was saying. I would easily interrupt others and began speaking instead of listening. […]

Grateful for the gift of learning

Learning is not something you possess, but welcome. A gift we should be grateful.

Growing a Culture of Learning

If learning is part of what biologically helped us survive and thrive as a species on this biosphere, learning is also the culture which allows us to grow in the noosphere. What is the noosphere? Noosphere is the sphere of human thought, just as the biosphere is the sphere of life on this planet. The […]

Welcoming others in our learning

We can learn things by ourselves, and we often need to. But when others are involved in our learning process, it’s a whole different game. We could think of others as our learning accountability partners, but the role others may have can be deeper. We build a life around our relationships with others. Every moment […]

The joy of starting to learn again

It’s easy to feel boredom in our lives. You only need to stop learning. The problem is spending years or months without learning anything new until it becomes a habit. Instead of welcoming new ways of thinking or doing things, you’re content with the old and established. But what seems a comfortable way of life […]

Decide to Learn

Is learning an option? When you make it an option, a choice, it means you’re free not to learn. But can you live without learning? You can, but you won’t evolve. If you want to grow in your knowledge, skills, and personality, learning is the best long-lasting way. Learning is a decision toward making transformative […]

Learning builds trust and gives hope

What do you need to build trust? An article in Psychology Today points to five strategies: generosity patience and flexibility reliability consistency openness Learning means giving yourself to what you learn, and it requires a generous heart. Learning means being patient toward your failures and flexible to overcome challenges. Learning means relying on others as […]

How different is learning from studying?

Why do we feel there’s a major difference between learning and studying? We understand learning as gaining knowledge or a skill. And we do that through studying. Therefore, studying is one of the processes we can use while learning. Common sense says studying is one way to learn. But we still feel the gap when […]

Overcome fear with learning

Fear may stop us from reaching our goals and dreams. And we think the best way to overcome fear is with courage. But let us use learning instead. Modern fears include FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out), social media anxiety, but the greatest fear of all is the fear of failure. In life, in our work, in our dreams […]