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Every meditation can open the possibility of rediscovering the transformative value of a learning experience. Each word inspiring the meditation represents a step in the path of disclosing your learning mind. The words are in alphabetic order and give a perfect sense of flow through the book. Sometimes, there’s an invitation to act. Other times, […]

How to write an introduction in a research paper — Focus on Science

Writing a clear introduction in your research work is a sign of clarity of thinking. The best way to do it is by focusing on science instead of what others did. When I perform reviews of research papers for Scientific Journals, I often see the same flaw over and over again. Instead of focusing the […]

There’s a new meaning for WMDs

And I call it Weapons of Mass Disinformation. Thanks to Twitter. I read about this new feature – Fleets – which Twitter is experimentally launching in Brazil. Fleets are for thoughts what Snaps were for photos. Fleets will self-destruct in 24 hours. Critics argue that politicians like Trump have a direct line to the public […]

Do you want to be original?

It’s not easy to focus these days. The economy of attention is rising, and every treasure we can find on how to concentrate better has value. But I also value the reason why we wish to focus. One of these treasures is a comment from the philosopher Bertrand Russell about the answer his mathematician friend […]

Learning with Solitude

While reading Sherry Turkle’s book “Reclaiming Conversation,” there is a part on solitude. In the beginning, it points to the comments of comedian Louis CK on why he doesn’t let his kids have cell phones. More than what it does to their attention span, we should worry about what it does to their brains and […]

Essence of learning

We tend to think we know everything, but do we? “All the efforts of the human mind cannot exhaust the essence of a single fly.” ANTHONY DE MELLO The humble mindset recognizes we don’t and discovers why learning is a way of life. A way to live amid the overwhelming amount of information in the […]


They’re in WhatsApp, in emails and right beside you. Actually, YOU are one of them. I’ve been reading about the rise of micro-influencers as people with a 10k to 50k following tribe, approached by companies as better marketers then famous people. But we all influence each other on the one-to-one basis every time we share […]


I’ve read a book about developing the process to learn fast, ultralearning, but while reading Anthony de Mello’s Awareness, I got intrigued by an unexpected kind of learning, unlearning. “As one man said, “I got a pretty good education. It took me years to get over it.” That’s what spirituality is all about, you know: […]

Celebrate life

My daughter Raquel celebrates her first decade. Therefore, I’d like to invite you to celebrate life! Celebrate your life because it is a gift to the world. Celebrate the life of the person you trust the most and love. Celebrate the life of the friends who best support you when you need and when you […]

Real people waking up

I recently read an article in Wired (July-August 2019) about a cyber-sextortion in Belmont, New Hampshire. One of the victims in this case, in the end, concludes, “We shouldn’t have to live in a world where we don’t know if people are real or not.” But it’s the world we created with our craving for […]