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One Earth, One Day

Today is Earth’s Day. It’s where we were born, evolved, lived and we call it “home.” Well, at least some of us consider it as such.

Inner Drive

Some call it intuition, sixth sense, but I rather call it the “inner compass”.

The success of normality

”Sabrina” by Nick Drnaso, an American cartoonist and illustrator was the first graphic novel to ever be nominated for the Man Booker British award in English literature. What I found intriguing is the boring look of its drawings.

How’s your year of 2019?

When 2019 began I suggested making it the year or attention and creativity. How’s is it going for you?

You may feel productive, but are you creative?

Being highly productive doesn’t mean being highly creative.


If you appear almost unannounced, what do you expect? Expect to learn the importance of being willing to lose your plans and welcome the present moment.


I was in line to buy snacks for our family and forgot to take the ticket. Others arriving after me took the ticket to be served, and I thought- _”Maybe it isn’t necessary.”_ – I was wrong, but it occurred to me to make an experience.

Unexpected trick

Do you think you need to be smart to achieve great things in life? Do you think your success depends on your intelligence? Most of us do, but we’re wrong. Anyone can achieve what he or she wants with a small trick.


What do we really ”have”? Nothing but the present.


To give is to live. This is the legacy you leave.