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Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.


A book is an extraordinary voyage full of surprises. Expect the unexpected. A fiction that triggers your imagination. A non-fiction that inspires you to be better, pay attention to your surroundings and thrive to explore reality in its multiple levels of understanding. I’m always curious to see where this voyage leads …


(Coming soon – research & writing phase)

Science is our best answer to describe and explain the world we love and live. Being a researcher is more than a job. It’s hard work, sweat, failure, but ultimately rewarding like nothing else in the world. But one of the peaks of our scientific work is when we share what we learn with the world, namely, the scientific community. Our pears. It is not easy to publish and strive for being scientifically  productive. This book tackles the challenges we have in scientific productivity and points the trails based in my “learn-out-loud” experiences. If you wish to be updated on the development of this project, feel free to subscribe below.

Challenges in Science and Faith

Questions from a Catholic converted to Atheism


It is not unusual when someone who is a catholic no longer believes in God and turns to atheism. The challenge is when it happens to someone close to you, a friend. That’s what happened to me. During conversations with my friend about this change in belief system, he made 12 questions challenging the dialogue between science and faith. While answering, I discovered the opportunity atheism is to deepen the reasons of one’s faith, and the challenge of trying to write to open-minded atheists. Therefore, even if this book is written by someone with a religious experience, I try to address believers and non-believers alike because what unites both is a real treasure: doubt.