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Do you ever think about studying yourself? If we could learn fast and well, learning would be our real superpower, but it depends on how much we know about ourselves.

Knowing yourself does not mean thinking only about you and disregard everything else. Quite the contrary. To know yourself, you need to forget everything you think you know about you and listen carefully to those around you and the voice inside you.

Relationships are often the best way of knowing who you are. A true friend will never hide the truth from you. At least, in as much as the world and those in it can perceive who you are.

But the voice inside you balances the voice from the world around you. You think the voice inside you is you, but it’s not. For some, it is God, and for others, it is the muse, but what matters is the awareness of a voice coming from within which is not yours. Strange.

Every person is a world as big as the universe, and if we could understand a bit more about ourselves, and learn how we learn, we would reach a tipping point and develop at a staggering rate and scale the Power of Learning.

Do you have any experience on how can you better study how you learn?