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When I look at how much companies like Apple invest in Augmented Reality, I think about the next step in human evolution. This morning I woke up thinking about transhumanism and the possibility of two factions: cyborgs and ”learnorgs”.

Cyborg is an organism with both biological and technological components. It’s a fictional character, but step by step, in part, we’re moving in that direction.

We already witness to good things like research on bioresorbable silicon electronic sensors for the brain, but how far will we go with memory prosthesis brain implants? All these advancements aim at improving people’s lives, but the step toward the desire to fully integrate technology and human biology becomes smaller. And such integration isn’t free of charge.

A transhumanism based on a fusion between technology and biology will leave people at the mercy of companies, and only those who pay can evolve. It could widen the gap between rich and poor, but there is a transhumanism alternative.

”Learnorg” is a person whose physical and mental abilities are extended beyond human normal limitations by an incredible capacity to learn everything quickly and well.

What if you could read a book in a few hours and get an incredible boost in learning a new skill? What if you could learn a new language in a couple of days? There’s so much we don’t know about our biological cognitive abilities that I’m intrigued why we’re not investing in developing them as much as we could.

We’re so excited about what technology can do, that we tend to forget how learning fast and well is the actual superpower we can develop and enter the next stage of human evolution.

A transhumanism based on enhancing our learning skills beyond the levels we have today is free of charge, and it depends only on you and the relational environment around you.

I don’t know what the future of transhumanism holds for mankind. However, the greatest challenge is finding the right balance between biology and technology.