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Hi! My name is Miguel Panão. I’m a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Coimbra in Portugal and Non-Fiction Author. In 2017 I started this international website and Blog because I struggled with how scientific research challenges our creativity, resilience, and patience. While reflecting on these issues, I realized how learning is not restricted to students but affects everyone. Learning is how humans grow. We are all Learning Minds. But are we expanding our learnabilities in this Digital Age?

This site is where is share my learning-out-loud process, new books, and thoughts.

Ideas on Learnability, Technology, and Culture

  • Five mindsets for a Learning Mind: In the future, our working value will depend on a lifelong ability to learn. A Learning Mind was what allows us to survive, thrive and generate culture. However, even if we are all Learning Minds, its development is still part of our human becoming. I propose that such development depends on the growth of five mindsets: attentive, curious, resilient, humble and vulnerable. I’m currently in the writing phase of this work.