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Are you in control?

The screen of our smartphones is addictive and consumes our attention.

A Trust Issue

I read an article by Zeynep Tufekci (False Promise) in Wired (July 27, 2019) stating the Internet is a low-trust society where you are on guard all the time. I’m sure this wasn’t part of Sir Tim Berners-Lee dream. A society is a group of people with a common goal. But if you no longer […]

Awareness comes from learning

As I dive into the controversial ideas in de Mello’s Awareness, I read something insightful, which gives sense and meaning to the purpose of this blog. “in order to wake up, the one thing you need the most is not energy, or strength, or youthfulness, or even great intelligence. The one thing you need most […]

Crave and fear the new

Our brain craves the new when it triggers dopamine, but, as Anthony de Mello insight says, “We hate the new. We hate it! And the sooner we face up to that fact, the better. We don’t want new things, particularly when they’re disturbing, particularly when they involve change.” The new we crave doesn’t change us. […]

Why racing to the Moon?

The race to the Moon began once more in our time. But, have you wondered about the point of that? I’m reading Anthony de Mello’s book Awareness where he writes at some point “What’s the earthly use of putting a man on the moon when we cannot live on the earth?” Then I thought about […]


An Arab proverb says “The nature of rain is the same, but it makes thorns grow in the marshes and flowers in the gardens.” Both wake up, but is the ground of your life a marsh or a garden? When we state the importance of having a greater awareness of everything, it all begins with […]


They are the stars in YouTube and Social Media and I wondered why because one specimen just sat on the porch of our vacation house.

Aliens and Alienated

I felt alien because everyone is paying attention to their phone and I noticed. People around me were alienated most of the time.

Distraction is not that bad

We get distracted, miss opportunities and that’s not good. But not all distractions are bad.

Full focus

Only by stimulating greater awareness of the implications of our choices can we expect to improve our experience and understanding of being fully focused.