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Quiet place

The quietest place I know is the mind unless you’re broken by the monster of inner noise.


Envisioning is the inner act of deep thinking.


Is the ability to comment on a newspaper article something which makes you a better person because you’re free to express yourself?


There’s nothing wrong with restarting. It doesn’t mean you fail. Often, it’s the best way to keep moving forward.

Time as symphony

We think about time in linear terms, neglecting the world’s story unfolds with different narratives.

We should all be mutants

But it’s not our genes which change. It’s our memes.

Words change cultures

While naming an animal doesn’t change for millennia, other words change their meaning.

Against LGBT

The counter-wave would mean becoming TBGL people.

The Future of Transhumanism

This morning I woke up thinking about transhumanism and the possibility of two factions: cyborgs and ”learnorgs”.

Learning Online

We live in the Age of Self-Experimentation. Learning online can be part of that lifelong journey.