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Learning Accountability

We can learn by ourselves, or learn with others. But what does it mean learning with others? It can mean we learn together, helping each other. Or it can mean we count on others while we’re learning. The later is accountability. Someone who helps us being on our learning track, or be ourselves the accountability […]

Get others involved in learning

We can always learn by ourselves if we set our minds into it. But there’s so much more we can learn if we get others involved and involve ourselves with others. We can study with others. Develop with others new knowledge. Share with others what we learn and ask for feedback. Ask others to teach […]

What you say and how shapes you and reality

I recently came across a research study about the behavioral effect of two expressions ” I can’t” and ”I don’t” on students. Curiously, those students which were part of the group saying ”I don’t” showed healthier choices than those saying ”I can’t.” The reason for this result is the difference between limitation and choice. When […]

Digital Health

If you eat too much and mostly fast-food, the risk of becoming unhealthy is high. Apparently, the same happens with your digital health. Digital Sobriety The Goldilocks hypothesis comes from the fairy tale “The three bears” where there is a little girl which tastes three different bowls of porridge and chooses the one which is […]

Unblock creativity with Morning Pages

We are creative beings. It’s just a human thing. And the more creative we become, the more we experience our humanity. What if I have my creativity blocked? For more than two weeks I decided to create a new habit: Morning Pages. The credit for this idea is Julia Cameron, and she introduced it in […]

What do we get when we understand

One of the greatest challenges of our time is forgetfulness. Memory is a precious human quality, but if we spend time memorizing things which are part of the status quo, we miss the opportunity of greater understanding. What do we get when we understand? Nobody can understand anything unless he or she thinks about it. […]

Join the Inbox Zero Movement

I have 6 email accounts and two of the best moments of my workday startup and shutdown are getting to Inbox Zero. At first, it may seem hard, but once you start and create the habit, these are two victories in your day, every day. These are the five tips I’ve learned from experience. Folders […]

Don’t memorize when you can question

I remember one time I proposed several exercises for continuous evaluation and one of them was in the exam. Moreover, I solved all the proposed problems at the beginning of each theoretical class. The intention was to stimulate students to come to class and learn, but I was wrong. At the exam, I realized I […]

Spreading and Sharing Ideas

You’re welcome to use this article as boredom training for 2-3min. In Chris Bailey’s new book Hyperfocus, boredom is an excellent tool for training daydreaming, where creativity may flourish. Thus, the challenge is reading until the end and if you get bored, start daydreaming. In TED talks, the motto is “ideas worth spreading,” which is […]

The Boiling Water Effect – how environments change what you are and do

Boiling water softens a potato and hardens an egg. Same environment, completely different outcomes. I’ve used both experiments in my heat transfer classes to explain how heat conduction leads to the evolution of temperature in time. This heat transfer mechanism relies on the molecular connection in any material. If one molecule has more energy than […]