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The race to the Moon began once more in our time. But, have you wondered about the point of that?

I’m reading Anthony de Mello’s book Awareness where he writes at some point

“What’s the earthly use of putting a man on the moon when we cannot live on the earth?”

Then I thought about all the nations running for the Moon. Unites States of America, India, Israel, China… are these countries an example of life on Earth? Is going to the Moon a way of escaping where they cannot live?

If we learn how to live together, we would already be on the Moon, Mars, and who knows where else. When we embraced the reality of being one human family, and include nature in our family relationships, we’ll go farther than ever before.

Until then, it’s better to keep working in creative ways to wake up our species to the power of universal fraternity.

What are you willing to do?