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If you…

What does element 115 produces?

We dream there’s more in the Universe than is known, and it’s true.

Who cares about Mona Lisa?

I’m not sure if we still care about beauty through art when most of our attention aims at taking a picture to fill up a bucket list.

Limitations are opportunities

We think about limitations as barriers, stopping us from accomplishing what we desire for our learning minds. Is this true?

Why should we read?

Reading is more than leisure or an obligation. It is an opportunity to sharpen the mind.

What is exercise?

Living our life to its fullest.

Learn with flowers

Our great achievements often come from the simplest ideas, but only by having as many ideas as possible can we dream of having one which makes a difference.

Trees might save us

As majestic trees rise toward heaven, I realize their importance to the thermal equilibrium of our planet.

The walk

It’s true we walk to exercise and be healthier. But is that the true meaning of walking?

Was Plato a XXI century prophet?

Perhaps it’s time to think seriously about what we are doing.