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They’re in WhatsApp, in emails and right beside you. Actually, YOU are one of them.

I’ve been reading about the rise of micro-influencers as people with a 10k to 50k following tribe, approached by companies as better marketers then famous people.

But we all influence each other on the one-to-one basis every time we share a thought, an experience, a photo, eventually leading some else to change their life. However, there’s no formal following and these people might not even be on social media. Like me. Maybe you too.

Therefore, we are pico-influencers. Whenever we share our life choices and what they did to us, we influence those to cross paths with our message. It might be a message through WhatsApp with a few friends, which get viral in their lives.

The reason for this pico-influence is our human capacity for empathy. Being in the skin of the other and experience his story as your own.

We pico-influencers may not go as far as nano, micro and so on-influencers, but as long as we reach out to the person next to me and open myself to her, it’s enough. We do not intend to change lives but recognize the transformative character of sharing.