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I’ve read a book about developing the process to learn fast, ultralearning, but while reading Anthony de Mello’s Awareness, I got intrigued by an unexpected kind of learning, unlearning.

“As one man said, “I got a pretty good education. It took me years to get over it.” That’s what spirituality is all about, you know: unlearning. Unlearning all the rubbish they taught you.”

I never thought about spirituality as unlearning, but it makes some sense. Spirituality is all about Truth and Reality. As knowledgeable as we think we are, no one knows what the truth and reality really are. Wise people have glimpses, but that’s all.

I understood the act of unlearning as detachment from preconceptions and opening our minds to new possibilities for the truth. And in practical terms, forgetting is a powerful learning tool.

Learning seems to have many layers of understanding, but one thing is sure: it transforms your life and leads you to higher states of awareness or noofulness.