Miguel Panao | Professor and Author

Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

Full focus

Only by stimulating greater awareness of the implications of our choices can we expect to improve our experience and understanding of being fully focused.

The time you give

Is the time you live. Everything else is wasted time.

Restoring attention

The attention restoration theory explains how walking through nature can have a positive effect on your ability to focus.


Against all the odds, true inspiration comes from what is hard, bold and unknown. When you challenge what you can do with risk, your vulnerability is a demonstration of courage for navigating in uncharted waters. Risking is essential in every creative work.

How can you challenge distraction with concentration

A lot of the work we do in science depends on memory and creativity. Improving your memory and boosting your creativity are two important investments if you are a researcher. However, the interesting thing is that both are connected. Memory is where we store what we learn. It is the foundation of all learning, which […]