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About saying

What can you do when you say something to the world every day, and nobody reacts?

Learn to avoid having your brain hacked

Companies building apps are – literally- hacking your brain. Have you noticed? Me neither.

The secret to avoid rejection when you create

Too busy to create or too fearful of being rejected? No one likes when others reject what we made. Everything we create comes from a personal experience with the work created. This is the reason why so many of us lose more time than we should with details while presenting our work. We want others […]

Vulnerability: is it meaningful in any sense to you?

Whenever you’re in a scientific meeting and top researchers, ask you something. What do you feel? Vulnerable. At least most of us think that way. So I wonder if experiencing vulnerability in science is as bad as it seems. I was surprised with what I found. When I was doing my Ph.D. and presented articles […]