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Learn to avoid having your brain hacked

While reading Cal Newport’s new book on Digital Minimalism, I learned about the reality of companies building apps to – literally- hack your brain. Have you noticed? Me neither.

We don’t even realize we’re being hacked at all because we don’t even know what brain hacking is. It is simple. Brain hacking in today’s digital era is craving for constantly checking your phone looking for anything new. This “anything new” is, physically, a surge of dopamine demanded by our addictive brain.

The antidote is free and with you all the time: awareness.

If we learn to become increasingly aware of what apps are – attention-leechers – we begin to thoroughly analyze their true value in our lives and choose to use those really worthy of our time and attention.

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I am a Professor at the University of Coimbra in Mechanical Engineering. I am also author of books in the fields of environmental ethics and Science and Religion. From the several research projects, this site is personal and dedicated to the search for the best approaches, tools, techniques to improve scientific productivity.

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