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Too busy to create or too fearful of being rejected?

Credit to Amaury Salas at

Credit to Amaury Salas at

No one likes when others reject what we made. Everything we create comes from a personal experience with the work created. This is the reason why so many of us lose more time than we should with details while presenting our work. We want others to experience the same feeling we have about what we created.

But it’s out of our hands and this lack of control grows in us the fear of rejection. With time, we cease to create. Isn’t that the best way of avoiding rejection? Not creating at all? No.

The best way to avoid rejection is to create as much as we can and embrace rejection. Never reject rejection but make it the fuel to even more creativity. Every rejection is a step forward to create the best you can.

If you write, keep writing.

If you compose, keep composing.

If you paint, keep painting.

If you teach, keep teaching.

If you cook, keep cooking.

Everything you do becomes an art the moment you put creativity’s secret ingredient. Love.