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Beat procrastination in tiny bits of time

Beating procrastination is not easy, but possible and ridiculously simple.


There’s a biological reason for sleeping. But not only.

Unexpected trick

Do you think you need to be smart to achieve great things in life? Do you think your success depends on your intelligence? Most of us do, but we’re wrong. Anyone can achieve what he or she wants with a small trick.

If time doesn’t stretch, what does?

As I was designing my day, there was so much I wanted to accomplish this week and I don’t know how to fit it all. I wanted time to stretch, but how could I do it without defying the second law of thermodynamics?

Join the Inbox Zero Movement

I have 6 email accounts and two of the best moments of my workday startup and shutdown are getting to Inbox Zero. At first, it may seem hard, but once you start and create the habit, these are two victories in your day, every day. These are the five tips I’ve learned from experience. Folders […]

The Boiling Water Effect – how environments change what you are and do

Boiling water softens a potato and hardens an egg. Same environment, completely different outcomes. I’ve used both experiments in my heat transfer classes to explain how heat conduction leads to the evolution of temperature in time. This heat transfer mechanism relies on the molecular connection in any material. If one molecule has more energy than […]

A simple tip to improve how your experience time

I don’t know about you, but most people I know complain about not having time. They want to write but don’t have time. They would like to paint but don’t have time. They would like to go out and have fun but don’t have time. The words ”I don’t have time” seem to give a […]

I don’t have time

If you have a reason, you will find the time. The lack of a reason why you do the things you do will consume the time you wish to spend on the things that matter. Finding the reason is finding what matters to you. And what is it? We all want to make a difference […]

A new research topic for every researcher

As knowledge workers we’re always developing new knowledge and our curiosity drives most of our work. But I sense there’s a powerful topic everyone missing… himself. Are we as productive as we could be? Do we know which are the most productive working periods? Is our morning routine optimized? What are the main reasons for […]

How can you apply the Law of Productivity to research?

The Law of Productivity I found in Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” is simple. ‘High-Quality Work’ = ‘Time-spent’ x ‘Ability-to-focus’ Thus, if what you need to do takes some time, the amount of focus or concentration allows you to perform other tasks. But in most cases, Time is short. Therefore, you need to be highly focused […]