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In recent years, we began valuing sleeping more. I found by experience how the lack of sleep led me to anxiety attacks and the loss of the ability to speak with someone else for more than two minutes.

I was in a meeting today, and people were suggesting we should invest in 24h study rooms. In this way, students have a place to spend the night studying. That’s when I thought – “how about spending their night sleeping?”

Sleeping removes the information trash accumulated throughout the day, consolidates what you learned and rejuvenates brain cells. There’s a biological reason for sleeping. Why are we willing to give that up in the name of a productivity boost which has a lifelong negative impact?

I guess for the lack of experience and awareness. We are not the same. Some of us are owls, and others are larks. I used to be an owl until I realized I wasn’t doing anything productive, and the schedules were incompatible with family chores.

Evolution comes with change. I had to change to evolve. For me, this change included caring well for my sleeping. If you feel tired, disappointed with your performance, could it be how you sleep? Doesn’t hurt if you try.