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Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

The challenge of building new experiences with nature

In the northern hemisphere, August is a month used to rest and recharge. The ways you do it vary from family to family, even from person to person. However, given the stress of everything we have to do while working, something most of us do during this is pay greater attention to our surroundings. What […]

How can you challenge distraction with concentration

A lot of the work we do in science depends on memory and creativity. Improving your memory and boosting your creativity are two important investments if you are a researcher. However, the interesting thing is that both are connected. Memory is where we store what we learn. It is the foundation of all learning, which […]

What can you do to when you need to change your life and don’t have time

We all complain about not having time to do certain things because of the time spent in doing other things. The reason could be a matter of priorities, but I think it is more a matter of the joining time and a reason. A friend of mine told me he had a little more of […]

How can a brain rule makes me walk every day

All our thoughts, ideas, memories depend of this organ we call brain. Then, it is reasonable to think we need to exercise the brain as much as we need to exercise our body if we want to keep our mental fitness. But if you think training the brain means thinking all the time – which we […]

How to develop the ability to solve problems and learn with it

We often have to solve problems and the approach depends on our knowledge about the subject. However, what if there is a method you can use to help you improve the ability to solve problems? I was thinking about this because I notice the difficulty some students have when trying to solve problems during an […]

How to act in front of a blank page publishing more and better

Writer’s block and procrastination are two of the greatest challenges we face in front of a blank page. Imagine that article you want to write to explain your work, a chapter in a thesis, a report for a project, the text of a new project, or even a blog post like this one. I’ve been […]

How can you overcome the fear of public speaking

Throughout the year we have conferences where researchers present their work. Maybe you find yourself in that position right now. Master students finish their thesis and the presentation is until the end of July, or in September. PhD Students may go through a similar process. Whatever the reason, there is always a fear of presenting […]

How to challenge your teaching and reach a wider audience

It’s not possible to please all students with your classes. Some like theory and how you deduce concepts, but most of them don’t. Some like when you perform experiments in class, a few don’t. I asked myself, is there something I can do to reach the largest audience possible? When I wanted to understand what […]

How to overcome procrastination in your scientific work

5 Ways to Start Changing How Things Get Done Two reasons for procrastinating is being unclear about your goals and lacking your why. Although this may happen when we do scientific work, the major part of us knows where the research is headed and the underlying reasons for doing it. However, we can still procrastinate. […]

What are the most common mistakes in conveying a scientific message?

One of the first sentences I use in Programming classes comes from Steve Jobs “If you’re afraid of failing, you won’t go very far.” Steve Jobs We crave for success in everything we do, but often built it on failure. Especially in science like Stuart Firestein explored in his excellent book on Failure. There are […]