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We all aspire to have a worthy life, perform at work and be successful. But how do we move from aspirations to accomplishments? Connecting dots.

Credit to Sam Erwin at

Credit to Sam Erwin at

Our life is a story of events. If you consider each event as a dot, your life is the story of connecting dots.

There are no days without hours. If you consider each hour as a dot, your day is the work done connecting dots.

There are no successes without failures. If you consider each failure as a dot, your success is the resilient path connecting dots.

We might call all these and other aspects of our reality, the web of reality. It’s more about connections than about dots. Connections create the change we want to the world.

The challenge is to distinguish good from bad connections. My suggestion is simple. Good connections produce value (in life, work, and performance). Bad connections won’t. Thus, if we want to make sure connections are good, focus on them instead of dots.