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Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

Simple tip to write more and better

Do you feel you don’t have the time to write? A book, an article or a simple blog post? I have good news for you. Your problem is not the lack of time, but the lack of habit. A couple of years ago I wanted to write more, so I began developing the habit of […]

We are a community

If a scientific topic is like a slice of pizza, would you rather eat it yourself, or share it with others? I recently read from Seth Godin something insightful. He says, An idea shared is more powerful than one that’s hidden. A technology standard outperforms a proprietary one. A community is stronger than divided individuals […]

Pause moments

Life can be frantic, but when you listen to an afternoon rain and simply listen, you experience a pause. We need more of these moments. Pause moments are opportunities to daydreaming and mind wondering. When you work, it is important to focus, but if you’re focused all the time, creativity won’t find the space and […]

What is the Web amplifying: Signals or Noise?

If you’re familiar with what the internet is doing to your brain, pay attention (which is hard today), I’m not sure if Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal – without realizing – will make it worse. He calls it “A Contract for the Web.” There’s no doubt about the revolution the internet started in our lives. The […]

Valuing what matters in science

In many scientific works, if we’re not persistent when everyone would rather give up, we wouldn’t achieve greatness. But is persisting what matters to perform in science? How likely are you to persist in the wrong path? When you persist, you run the risk of becoming blind to other paths. Does this mean we shouldn’t […]

Ig-Nobel prizes need renaming

Researchers awarded with (Ig)Nobel prizes have “achievements that make people laugh, then think.” Some consider them to perform wasteful research, but they may be wrong. David Hu found in a report by Senator Jeff Flake to be “the country’s [USA] most wasteful scientist” – as he says in a TED Talk at Emory, theatrically kneeling […]

A new research topic for every researcher

As knowledge workers we’re always developing new knowledge and our curiosity drives most of our work. But I sense there’s a powerful topic everyone missing… himself. Are we as productive as we could be? Do we know which are the most productive working periods? Is our morning routine optimized? What are the main reasons for […]

The Secret Ingredient when doing Science

What is the secret ingredient when we develop science? Some might think it is curiosity. Others might be inclined to resilience. Curiosity is a powerful driver imprinting dynamics from question after question, always trying to fulfill the insatiable desire to know. Resilience is a powerful sustainer every time you fail, and for those who do […]

What can you learn in your last dying breath

Being a Learning Mind should define how we live and die. I dare to say that more than evolving biologically, we evolved because we learned, shared throughout generations, and never stopped learning since then. Thus, what can you learn in your last dying breath? Anything. Anything at all. But how will you pass whatever you […]

Where is the Power of Scientific Language

Scientific language is filled with metaphors which transport meaning from one reality to another. When I think about natural selection, it is important to know that Darwin recognized it as a metaphor used to explain the evolutionary principle he had in mind. However, such metaphor was later used in Social Darwinism to justify behaviors against […]