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What happens when you realize what you could have done, you didn’t do? There’s a sense of guilt or anger toward others and things, but there’s only one responsible. You.

This thought crossed my mind when I saw my students performance on the last practical class before a test. Some were drifting through the turmoil of formulas, slides, former exercises, instead of thinking about the problem and find the best way to reach a solution.

Learning an instrument is hard because you have to practice every day. Finishing a puzzle is hard because you have to fit a few pieces every day. Being healthy is hard because you have to exercise and take care of what you eat every day. Learning is no different. Unless you deliberately practice every day, the articulation of knowledge is not a trait achieved by magic. You have to work hard. Every. Single. Day.

You sweat. Get tired. Feel frustrated sometimes, and exhilarated in other times. It’s part of your life and who you are. If you procrastinate and postpone what you have to do to keep developing your learning mind, you postpone your one evolution and opportunity to become something more.

Change your mindset and restart.