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To the transition between a high attention learning (communicative memory) and a cultural change which performs a life-transformative experience (cultural memory), I called the Perennial Act: making what we learn into how we live. But, unless I’m able to persuade others on the possibilities opened by this act, it won’t be perennial at all.

“The best way to persuade others is with your ears, by listening.” (Dean Rusk)

Persuasion comes from the ability to listen with an attentive mindset. When you listen with an open mind and heart, you decrease the resistance in the other because of the experience he makes of being heard.

Our intense digital lives give the impression that you’re being heard, but it is an impression, not the reality.

The reality is a massive sharing with the void, where the information flow defined by an algorithm decides what others hear from you.

Listening is an analog event which requires presence and bodily expression. In the end, we get the persuasive act: inducing life transformative change through attentive listening.