Miguel Panao | Professor and Author

Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

Prove yourself, don’t lose yourself

Don’t cheat.

Forgetting to memorize what matters

”To intentionally forget is to remember differently, on purpose.”

Unjust Attention Demand

Some people think challenges should be easier because when we’re nervous, we lack attention.

Realm of possibility

How is your mind? Closed or open?

Driven vs Drifted

Time is personal. Nobody owns time, but it’s yours. In this sense, it means a lot what you do with it.

Wake up

Wake up to the potential of being human, meaning you can learn new things and expand your skill horizon.

Reality doesn’t care how big your dreams are

Why should we keep trying to fulfill our dreams by small amounts of – apparently – unsuccessful small actions?

In front of you

It often happens we ask things which are right in front of us.

Learn while sleeping

“I’ll sleep on it” might be truer than you think.

Learning turmoil

What happens when you realize what you could have done, you didn’t do? There’s a sense of guilt or anger toward others and things, but there’s only one responsible. You.