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Today I received the sad news of losing a dear friend from a heart attack. It’s devastating, but I knew him well and he lived his life to the fullness. The best word to describe these moments shouldn’t be “loss”, but “thanks.”

The key element of a learning mind

Remember Einstein. His genius didn’t come from knowing a lot, but imagining simple things and have a curious and resilient mindset to pursue revolutionary ideas.

Where can we find our life’s relational depth?

While reading the last posthumous book by Stephen Hawking on “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” I began thinking about our life’s relational depth and where can we find it.

What mindfulness can be

It is so simple and so complicated these days of frenetic connectivity.

The more you switch

…the more you create.

Things worth reading

Reading comes in two kinds. The writings you love and those you hate. Everything else is not a waste of time, but simply not for you.

Pick up the pace

Time has an arrow, and it points forward. There’s no way back. If you lose the pace in what you want to achieve when you begin learning something, there’s no other way but picking up the pace again.


It is likely to be the best and most difficult thing to achieve with anything you learn.

Develop and change

We cannot change skills but develop them. And we all have skills. But such development depends on our behavior. Therefore, to develop some skills we need to change our behavior.


If you value your time and want what you do with it to produce value in your life, you need to think.