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Learning is as much a science, as it is an art. But there are basic relations which explain its dynamics, and hence the idea of a Learnodynamics.

Like Thermodynamics, also Learnodynamics has its principles.

  1. Learning is Evolving.
  2. Failing is Learning.
  3. Practice makes Progress.

In time, progress brings greater awareness, which is the ultimate purpose of learning. It’s a process, step by step.

An evolutionary learning moment is like an Aha! experience bringing greater awareness in an instant.

Failing takes time because we fail, fail again and seem we can’t leave the same learning plateau. But only until we reach the insight leading to new evolutionary learning, thus, a new step.

Each step demands practice to consolidate the learning path. And practice makes progress, which is the outcome of greater awareness in time. The bigger picture of all this is wisdom.