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Who doesn’t want to fulfill his dreams? But where does the motivation to do anything to fulfill our dreams comes from? A goal. A purpose. If you don’t have one, difficulties arise, and you shift your path because, in reality, you don’t know where to go.

Photo by Holger Link at Unsplash
Photo by Holger Link at Unsplash

Goals are important, and writing them on paper increases the probability of accomplishing them. But if you don’t look at what you write, you might forget them.

Why do we keep procrastinating? That is the loss, even if only temporary, of our sense of “why.” I’ve been reading a lot about productivity and better ways to accomplish my goals. I’ve been reading about the brain and body. About motivation and learning. I want to share all that is going through my mind in a new way. A compelling, exciting and life-changing way.


Get authority on the matter? Write a book and be recognized? Earn more money?


It is the loss of the sense of why which might influence our performance?

Are we tired of working intensely without end?

Would we like to be at a better stage of the things we wish to accomplish?

So, why do we keep procrastinating in the worst moments when a lot should be finished? I “still” don’t know.

Maybe it is a question of motivation. Maybe it is a question of experiencing no reward, and some feedback.

In my case, I write and share my thoughts with the world through the internet, but are people reading what I write? Yes, they are. One or two, occasionally. But am I getting feedback and stimulating discussion? No, I am not. So, what’s the point?

This is resistance at its best telling me to stop trying and procrastinate. I’m not giving up and neither should you if you feel the same kind of resistance. It takes time and patience to fulfill our dreams. But the most important part is not fulfilling them, but never cease to dream.