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Why do we feel there’s a major difference between learning and studying? We understand learning as gaining knowledge or a skill. And we do that through studying. Therefore, studying is one of the processes we can use while learning. Common sense says studying is one way to learn. But we still feel the gap when we study and don’t learn. What possibilities open if we found a way to overcome this gap?

Credit to Tim Gouw in

Credit to Tim Gouw in

When we think about studying, we have in mind something we have to do. It is an obligation, not a choice, like in learning.

Also, we think of learning is the outcome of how much we study, but the fact we often forget things after reaching the goal of studying in the first place (an exam, a presentation, etc.) shows otherwise.

I wonder what could help to connect studying to learning.

From a curious mindset comes the fascination for whatever we learn, and from a resilient mindset comes the will to embrace the deliberate practice of studying.

But it is the feeling of joy when we are able to learn something after studying which provides an unforgettable experience.

The joy of learning from a resilient curiosity might unite learning and study in such a way they seem the same. Or better, we might realize they were the same all along.