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An article published in Science suggests we might capture large quantities of CO2 to battle global warming by planting enough trees.

I thought about this when I contemplated the trees planted by my father-in-law in the backyard of his country house.

As these majestic trees rise toward heaven, I realize their importance to the thermal equilibrium of our planet.

I also remembered Felix Finkbeiner, a young man who started a movement as a child to motivate people “plant for the planet.” Clearly, an intuition ahead of time preceding the science developed.

I know about the critical voices saying that planting trees won’t solve the problem and I understand.

Planting a tree is taking action with our hands, but we also need to take action inside our minds and change our lifestyle.

We live in a fast-paced world, even when it comes to manifest in favor of greater environmental awareness. But people like John Muir or Henry David Thoreau had a slower pace and made their lives a true testimony of an ecological lifestyle.

A slower pace means finding the right rhythm when balancing our sense of natural belonging and cultural evolution.

One step I’ve experienced these days is silent contemplation. It’s easy and free. And it might free your mind from everyday concerns and allow space and time to flourish your creative self.

Ever thought about trying a silent contemplation of nature?