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When I began school, I was so excited about learning new things that as soon as I arrived home, I started teaching my younger sister what I learned. As soon as she started school, I noticed she was much better than I, and I’m happy to think I might have something to do with it.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

When we were older, every time she asked for my help with something, I began explaining every detail, and she became tired saying –” I just asked you about this angle, not for the entire explanation of trigonometry!”

Now that I’m a professor when my students talk to each other during class and lack the motivation for paying attention, I feel sad because I realize the enormous learning potential being wasted, right there in front of me. I warn them, but wondered, have I lost the touch of making others learn better what I learned?

That’s when it hit me. Touch.

Touching others must be an essential element of every learning process. It’s the manifestation of inspiring moments.

Touching the mind and heart of a person is a delicate balance between excitement and observation, and learning it is a life-long process. Excitement shows how much you care about what you say. Observation gives you the necessary feedback to adjust how you’re touching others.

When we think we lost touch maybe it means something else. Perhaps the art of touching others through our teaching, learning and life experience evolves. How? I’m going to invest in being better at making myself one with those I mean to touch and see what happens.