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It’s easy to feel boredom in our lives. You only need to stop learning. The problem is spending years or months without learning anything new until it becomes a habit.

Photo by Waake Hawaka at

Photo by Waake Hawaka at

Instead of welcoming new ways of thinking or doing things, you’re content with the old and established. But what seems a comfortable way of life is incompatible with the narrative of the world. The pace is fast and some things may change overnight. And the price you pay for ceasing to learn is sadness.

Not a sadness for the things you have and who you are because people are content. No. Sadness when you discover the things you could have done and the person you could have been and realize time hasn’t stopped. If you feel this way there’s a solution.

Learning has no age.

As long as you’re human, you have the inherent ability to learn. And when you begin to learn again, the outcome is more than acquiring new knowledge or skills. It is the joy. Thus, if you want more joy in your life, the best way is starting to learn again.