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Between a lifelong learning possibility and reality

Learning every day is something you can do. But can we remember at the end of every day what new things we learned?

We’re never too old to learn

Once a friend said – _” I’m too old to learn a new computer language”_ – was she right?

The compass that points where you want to go

Most people who don’t realize how important learning is, live by the way their GPS tells them to go. If the map is outdated, they fail to adapt and fail to reach their destination.

Curation: an interesting perspective on lifelong learning

The amount of information available in this century is incommensurable. The primary challenge is to make sense of it. In a museum, the several parts of a period are not exposed randomly but curated thoughtfully. A way in which the visitor feels immersed in a meaningful thread. The same occurs with lifelong learning. As Jeff […]