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Most people who don’t realize how important learning is, live by the way their GPS tells them to go. If the map is outdated, they fail to adapt and fail to reach their destination.

But if you have a map and a special compass which points to where you want to go, like in Pirates of the Caribbean, you only need to follow the path.

The problem is knowing where you want to go.

People without goals live in a random magnetic field with the compass needle pointing nowhere. And people who don’t yet know who they want to be, have a lot of trouble setting goals in their life. Therefore, it all comes down to your identity.

Take an hour, a day, a week, but think carefully about who you want to be. Afterward, it is easier to find the goals which allow you to get there. The miracle compass which points the way is your habits. And the map is the world, a cradle for creativity when we allow ourselves to be lifelong learners.