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Connecting steps

Cultural revolutions are all about connecting people. But that’s only one step of the way.

Dots or points?

Do you know the difference?

Where can we find our life’s relational depth?

While reading the last posthumous book by Stephen Hawking on “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” I began thinking about our life’s relational depth and where can we find it.

Connecting the dots of 2018

We’re approaching the end of 2018. Most people (I’m included) begin to think about what we wanted at the beginning of 2018 and review our achievements. However, while reviewing I began thinking about several important events (not goals). Eventually, even if you were unable to reach your goals, what if you think about important events […]

Connecting Dots

We all aspire to have a worthy life, perform at work and be successful. But how do we move from aspirations to accomplishments? Connecting dots. Our life is a story of events. If you consider each event as a dot, your life is the story of connecting dots. There are no days without hours. If […]