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Are you in control?

The screen of our smartphones is addictive and consumes our attention.

How’s your year of 2019?

When 2019 began I suggested making it the year or attention and creativity. How’s is it going for you?

What mindfulness can be

It is so simple and so complicated these days of frenetic connectivity.

Pick up the pace

Time has an arrow, and it points forward. There’s no way back. If you lose the pace in what you want to achieve when you begin learning something, there’s no other way but picking up the pace again.

Unjust Attention Demand

Some people think challenges should be easier because when we’re nervous, we lack attention.

In front of you

It often happens we ask things which are right in front of us.

Attention sparks curiosity

Curiosity leads to discoveries about the nature of reality which may produce an impact in our lives. Consider grapes.


Presence is a gift. Being present means being fully there, wholeheartedly, empty of the excessive noisy surrounding our attention to deplete it.

Minutes of your life

This past Sunday I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts, the only social media platforms I interacted with. Why?

Learn always!

We learn when we fail, pay attention, let curiosity move our mind, recognize with humility how much more there is to know and show up for learning, every second, minute, hour, day, month, year, always.