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Time has an arrow, and it points forward. There’s no way back. If you lose the pace in what you want to achieve when you begin learning something, there’s no other way but picking up the pace again.

I can think of several reasons to lose pace while you learn.

Because it’s hard, you become demotivated (steep learning curve).

Because it takes too long to see any results, you give up (lack of instant gratification).

Because you deplete your attention capital, when it’s time to show, you tell (too much distraction).

Picking up the pace means recognizing learning takes time, effort, heart, sweat, focus, and resolve. But once you pick up the pace, neurons in your brain fire, the dopamine rush will come, but most importantly, you experience meaning in what you do.

It is the depth of what you can achieve in your life when after picking up the pace, you keep it up.