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When two of them move together, unless you respect each direction, they stop. What is interesting is how moving in opposite directions is what keeps them moving.

We don’t need to engage all in the same direction or have the same opinion. Sometimes it is the recipe to avoid new possibilities.

But if we move in opposite directions we lose the richness of the others view and the potential of doing things together, even when we think differently.

That’s why I like the image of two sprockets engaging together in opposite directions and the ability of a sprocket’s tooth fill the empty space between the other sprocket’s teeth. It is the engagement which produces the reciprocal support to keep moving.

About Miguel Panao

I am a Professor at the University of Coimbra in Mechanical Engineering. I am also author of books in the fields of environmental ethics and Science and Religion. From the several research projects, this site is personal and dedicated to the search for the best approaches, tools, techniques to improve scientific productivity.

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