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We know something about our planet, but there is much more to know. And if there is much more to know, a lot more to understand. But, to know and understand, we need to learn.

Photo by NASA

Photo by NASA

Our planet experiences climate changes since its dawn. Climate change is not new. What is new is the effect of our cultural options on it.

We are part of nature, not apart from it.

And the moment we developed culture through our learnability, what used to be the dominant mode of evolution on Earth changed from biological to cultural.

Changing the Earth through culture means whatever we do affect the dynamics of the planet. And whatever culture does to the planet, we should take responsibility for it. The problem is some us with power haven’t learned or experienced this relation. Not yet.

It is easier to understand why we should respect other people, but why should we respect our planet? Isn’t it a rock floating in space through gravitational forces? If it was, why call it… home? Don’t we care about our own home? The place we return after work to find our sense of belonging?

The reason for respecting the Earth is as simple as that. It’s our home.