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It’s not about speed but comprehension.

There are several easy to apply techniques to improve your reading speed. And reading fast won’t stop you from slow comprehending what you read. Similarly to driving, when you read faster, it demands greater focus.

Comprehension depends on reading keys. And you acquire these comprehension keys when you develop your cultural background. However, such cultural development often depends on reading, which means it’s an iterative process.

The first key to unlock this process is creating a reading habit. Even if you don’t like reading, the benefits outweigh the efforts.

Start by choosing some topic you like and read for 5 minutes per day. But there’s a catch. Only books count in these 5 minutes. No matter how much you read the news, blog posts like this one, only books allow you to find the reading keys to improve comprehension.

Books are personal legacies of humanity’s cultural background. Each book contains a bit of the writer’s journey and life experience. Parts of his story helping you to build your own. Who knows? Maybe you’ll write a book one day.