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Prove yourself, don’t lose yourself

Some people cheat their way through life. It starts with school, college and then continues when they find a job.

Those who follow this way have lost their why. And when we lose why we do what we do, we lose ourselves in the process.

The answer is simple. Don’t cheat.

For those who strive hard when they learn and develop their skills, please, don’t feel frustrated by the people who achieve success by cheating.

Forget them.

Focus on your way.

Help others find their way and why.

You’ll have the chance to prove yourself because, while those who cheat live drifted lives, you’ll show how the hard way of a clear why can drive a successful life.

About Miguel Panao

I am a Professor at the University of Coimbra in Mechanical Engineering. I am also author of books in the fields of environmental ethics and Science and Religion. From the several research projects, this site is personal and dedicated to the search for the best approaches, tools, techniques to improve scientific productivity.

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