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Most of my students, who fail to succeed in their evaluation, recognize the lack of a deliberate and systematic preparation. It’s not them, but the system.

We undervalue the skill of being prepared to face life’s challenges. But this is an essential quality to live in the future to come.

We dream of going back to the moon, or even travel to Mars.

We dream of creating the next big idea.

We dream of making the world a more sustainable place through technology.

But all dreams are a void in our minds, and an empty space in the world’s reality without preparation.

Being prepared is more than memorizing, train, and practice. It is a skill.

The skill of foreseeing the world future with the personal development I can work today. Every day. With consistency, rather than improvisation. In fact, the best improvisations come from the most prepared, not the opposite.

If you wish to excel, never neglect the skill of preparation.