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Simple. With silence.

Photo by Kristina Flour at Unsplash
Photo by Kristina Flour at Unsplash

I recently read there is a lot of research supporting the positive effect of silence in reducing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and others.

I remember the feeling of absolute silence leading to greater contact with any noise in our heads. Considering the constant stimulating environments from social media to online entertainment, I understand how difficult it is to find the time and space for silence. This is the reason why people search to experience silence retreats.

However, when there’s a reason, there’s time. But I recognize we need the imagination to find time and space for silence and wonder. Couldn’t we use boring moments like the time for silence in our busy lives?

Boredom has more potential than we may think. We don’t need to do much in silence. It is the privileged time for doing nothing. But isn’t out of nothing that leads to the brightest ideas?