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Learning is as hard as rewarding. And the most natural experience is the difficulty of learning. How can we overcome difficulties in learning?

Photo by Jaco Pretorius at

Photo by Jaco Pretorius at

When facing difficulties, we can overcome them in different ways.

We can ignore difficulties and “hope” for the best. This is the passive mindset of those who are slow learners.

We can stop at difficulties and give up learning. It’s not for us. Sometimes it might be a wise decision because there’s no point spending time learning what is not for us when we could use the time to learn other things more consonant with our life’s present moment.

But, we can study difficulties and become experts on our failures. Failing is often the best teacher we have in life. And every setback can be an opportunity for learning. This resilient mindset is what allows overcoming difficulties by making them precious learning tools.