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Do you know how many useful things you can do in one minute?

Photo by Mike Erskine at unsplash
Photo by Mike Erskine at unsplash

Do nothing to get bored and enter in mind-wandering.

Think about someone you love.

Write a few sentences in a simple thanking note.

Start a new reading habit.

Learn one thing.

Look at the stars.

Imagine… anything.

Clean your desk.

There are so many things representing small steps to create the ” atomic habits” (James Clear) which will produce cosmic changes in your world and of those around you.

We can be engines of positive change, or we can sit, scroll, drool, and giving our priceless attention to everything else and everyone else how pays to have it.

Time to disconnect and regain control of our attention, starting with one minute and choosing minute-one. How about now?