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Today is Earth’s Day. It’s where we were born, evolved, lived and we call it home. Well, at least some of us consider it as such.

Photo by Adolfo Félix at unsplash
Photo by Adolfo Félix at unsplash

All around the globe we hear about climate change. It demands new lifestyles, where the relationship with this planet is deeper. However, we often forget how much of that relationship with the Earth goes through the relationship we have we each other.

We shouldn’t remember Earth’s Day without remembering the “Others’ Day”. The day we recognize all human being as part of a single family. Only if we consider every other human being as a brother, can we consider our planet home.

Or, if we dare call our planet home, then we must look at each other as brothers and sisters, part of the same human family. It would save us a lot of trouble, health, and money.

One Day we may travel to other planets, but the best way to move in that direction is to stop losing time with power games between each other and understand how we all live in One Earth.

We would have a lot more fun if the Game of Thrones was just on streaming and not in real life.