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Arriving home from, what is the most thing you like to do? Relax.

At least, that is what most people tell me and, to be honest, I feel the same every day.

There are chores to make, last minute workflows to attend, but nothing is as compelling as “relaxing.”

Then I ask – “ how do you relax?” – and most people reply with “scrolling, social media, and entertainment.” There is nothing wrong with that, except your body relaxes, but your brain doesn’t. Every scroll, post, and video triggers a dopamine rush and instead of relaxing, you become even more tired than before with your willpower depleted.

There are alternatives.

Boredom, silence, and walking. These help me relax the body, as much as the brain. Some even trigger neurogenesis and strengthen your cognitive functions.

Instead of a scroll, stroll.

Instead of loudness, soundless.

Instead of anything, nothing.