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Apple launched a feature in our iPhones to helps us control our ScreenTime. But its latest investments in Services like the forthcoming TV+, Arcade, and News+, you’re seduced to spend more time in front of your Screen. It’s a contradiction.

But, as some argue, it’s their business. How can you blame them? You can’t. We are the ones to blame. The wrongdoing is on our side. To overcome it we need to go back to basics.

What value has time for you?

If you value your time and want what you do with it to produce value in your life, you need to think.

We don’t think with an entertaining screen in front of us 24/7. We think in times of boredom when our screen addiction has more effect. Cultivate what I call cognitive silence, which is being together with your thoughts. Writing them in you morning pages, or a simple notebook.

Words are more powerful than you think. Words shape your reality more than looking at screens consuming the ideas of others instead of thinking about your own.

It not possible to avoid looking at screens when they’re an intrinsic part of our lives today, but you have the choice of looking on your own terms. My experience is that no ScreenTime means more time to think. Think about it.