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The difficulty in learning is not getting things wrong, but if you stop at it.

Photo by Isaiah Rustad at Unsplash

Photo by Isaiah Rustad at Unsplash

Although we live in a society expecting you to Get Things Done, if you don’t master what others expect from you, the most common experience is to Get Things Wrong and you feel disappointed with yourself. It is not a problem as long as you have a growth mindset and keep improving your skills. But some people get tired of getting things wrong and stop. I get it.

Nobody likes getting things wrong over and over again. Logically, you feel – ” maybe you should invest my time doing something else.” This decision is always a possibility. But don’t you wonder what you can learn from mistakes?

If you stop at wrong, how can you expect to get it right? Learning implies you explore your limitations to understand the best way to overcome them.

Sometimes the opposite of wrong is not right, but different. This is the perspective you get when you don’t stop at wrong and keep learning. Eventually, you get things done, but differently. And that is often the genesis of innovation.