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Some of us are knowledge workers, but all of us can be knowledge explorers. Why do we explore knowledge?

What triggers our curiosity?

The desire to know.

Desire is what moves us, how we move and why.

But is desire enough?

I always loved books on science. They triggered my imagination and satisfied my thirst for knowledge. But knowing something and being able to understand it are two different things.

We consume information much faster than we’re able to process it. And processing information means taking time, be patient, wonder and keep wondering.

The curious mind never ceases to try and understand what knows about the world. Reality has layers upon layers, and more profound layers of knowledge. It’s not enough to consume knowledge. Only learning to understand can we transform the desire to know into culture.

When that happens, brace yourself because a cultural revolution will come.

Question: do you strive to understand what you think you know?