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Declutter. That’s it.

A recent study found a correlation between a cluttered space and procrastination. And as a side effect, your cortisol levels increase, which is the hormone related to stress.

Depending on your emotional state, decluttering your home, or working space can be difficult. For extreme cases, experts recommend a hands-off approach and have someone doing it for you. The reason is related with attachments to items you touch, make it hard to get rid of them and declutter.

However, the best approach might be the minimalist. If you have less, there are fewer things to clutter your space and the likelihood increases of living less stressfully. I like Leo Babauta’s minimalist and simple guide.

But I think there is another way to help to learn how to declutter.


”True detachment isn’t a separation from life but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living.” (Ron Rathbun)

Decluttering as part of living detachment means an experience for deeper involvement with the way your life is taking. Therefore, if your practice detachment to experience greater freedom, my first suggestion is starting by your working table. Well, at least, that’s what I going to do.