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Learning is always joyful

As the year is coming to an end, we reflect on the year of 2018 that passed, and everything we learned. Isn’t the sentiment always joyful? What is learning for, if not to bring us joy?

Photo by Hieu An Tran at Unsplash

Photo by Hieu An Tran at Unsplash

At the beginning of 2018, I wanted to experience a LOL approach to learning. A Learn-Out-Loud inspired by what Tim Ferriss did with his life. I never thought of gradually discovering learning as one of our most significant sources of joy.

As a Professor, I wanted my students to succeed. But when I began suggesting several tips to help them learn better, I looked at my life, and I wasn’t a role model.

For more than ten years I bragged about sleeping 5h per day – “ and look at how productive I am?” But in the last couple of years, I was tired, lost focus and began to decrease the quality of what I was producing. Helping my students saved me, as I started to learn ways of being more productive to teach them. At the end of 2018, I feel an enormous sense of joy.

Every time I learn something new, the feeling is always the same.


As we begin around the world the celebration of entering 2019, remember how learning is always joyful.

In a previous post, I suggested we made 2019 the Year of Attention. Now you understand why.

With attention comes better learning.

And better learning gives you more joy.

Happy New Always Joyful Learning Year!

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